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Connecting multiple WooCommerce stores
Connecting multiple WooCommerce stores

You can connect multiple WooCommerce stores to Katana

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You can connect multiple WooCommerce stores to your Katana account.

The option to connect another store becomes visible on the Settings screen > Integrations tab from the left-side menu after connecting the first store.

To connect each additional store, you can follow exactly the same connection guide as for the first store.

In Katana, you can create a dedicated location for each of your WooCommerce stores. These locations can be mapped to your WooCommerce stores in the integration configurator. Orders and inventory levels are synced between these mapped locations and stores. Read more.

If you do not have multiple locations in Katana or if you map multiple WooCommerce stores to the same Katana location, the integration works exactly in the same way for each store. Sales order sync, product and customer import and matching, and stock sync work identically for all stores. For example, if the same product (i.e. same SKU code) exists at multiple stores, then the stock levels would be synced from Katana to all the WooCommerce stores that include that product.

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