When your Shopify store is connected to Katana, all open Sales orders (SO) with a Paid payment status will be imported to Katana. Read more here.

You can choose whether you wish to also import open Sales orders with a Payment pending status or not.

If you wish to require a payment from the customer before you commit any products or ingredients for the ordered items from Stock in Katana, you can opt out from importing Sales orders with Payment pending status to Katana.

All Sales orders that are imported to Katana will create commitments for relevant products in Stock or create commitments for relevant ingredients to make the required products (based on the Product recipe / BOM) if the sales items are not yet In stock or already Expected from manufacturing. If you wish to avoid creating any commitments for Payment pending orders, we suggest disabling the import for those Sales orders from Shopify.

To disable import for Payment pending Sales orders from Shopify, turn off the following checkbox when connecting your Shopify store or reconfiguring the connection:

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