Reverting an Outsourced purchase order

Find out how to revert an OPO if for some reason it needs to change from a Received status

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If you accidentally received an Outsourced purchase order (OPO) or you need to send items back to a supplier, you can revert a Received OPO. If you need to edit any details of a Received OPO, you also need to revert it as it can't be edited while in a Received status.

How to revert an OPO?

You can revert a Received OPO from the Buy screen > Outsourcing tab or on the OPO card. Outsourced Purchase Orders can only be fully reverted.

  1. Navigate to Buy screen > Outsourcing tab > Done table.

  2. Find the relevant OPO in the list and change the Delivery status to Not received.

  3. Your inventory levels update automatically.

Related stock movements

Reverting a Received OPO reverts the inventory levels for items and ingredients included in the OPO.

- In Stock quantity will be decreased for the items in Ship to location

- Expected quantity will be increased for the items in Ship to location

- In stock and Committed quantity will be increased for the ingredients in Track ingredients in location

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