Receiving an Outsourced purchase order (OPO)

Recieve OPOs once the items reach your destination warehouse

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When the purchased items have arrived at the destination warehouse, you should mark an Outsourced purchase order (OPO) as Received. Afterward, the inventory levels for items ordered and ingredients used are adjusted accordingly. You can only receive an OPO in full.

How to receive an Outsourced purchase order?

Mark the OPO as Received on the OPO card or on the Buy screen.

  1. Create an Outsourced purchase order or navigate to Buy screen > Outsourcing tab and find an existing OPO.

  2. Change the Delivery status of the OPO to Received on the Buy screen or open the OPO and change the status in the upper right-hand corner of the OPO card.

  3. Your inventory levels will then update automatically.

You can also navigate to an OPO by scanning a barcode.

Related stock movements

- In stock quantity for the purchase items will be increased in the Ship to location.

- Expected quantity for the purchase items will be decreased in the Ship to location.

- In stock and Committed quantity for the ingredients will be decreased in the Track ingredients in location.

Note: You can have an OPO delivered directly to a contractor's location without bringing it to your default purchase location. To do that, change the Ship to location before receiving the OPO.

You can also revert a Received OPO. Read more about Reverting an Outsourced purchase order.

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