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Permissions: View profit and margin
Permissions: View profit and margin

Find out more about the user permission dealing with profitability visibility.

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The View profit and margin user permission provide visibility to profitability information for Sales orders (SO) and Products, including access to Sales reports.

The permission is enabled for all Users with default access.

Permission can be enabled or disabled when a user is invited to Katana and changed at any time from the Team page. Read more about user permissions.

To enable View profit and margin user permission, first enable the View sales prices permission.

The View profit and margin permission gives visibility to:

  • Profit information on the Done SO table

  • Profit information on Sales orders export file

  • Profit, Margin, and Cost information on the Product table

  • Insight reports:

    • Sales insights

    • Product insights

    • Order insights

    • Customer insights

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