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View sales prices permission
View sales prices permission

Control who can view sales prices in Katana.

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Set permissions for viewing sales prices to ensure that sensitive information is accessible only to authorized team members. By configuring these permissions, you can protect critical pricing data and maintain security.

The view sales prices permission gives user visibility to the sales prices of sales orders, quotes, and products.

All Users with default access will have this permission enabled.

Permissions are chosen when a user is invited to Katana and can be changed anytime from the Team page. Read more about user permissions.

The view sales prices permission gives visibility to sales prices throughout Katana on:

  • Sales orders tables, cards, export files, and print templates

  • Quotes table, cards, export files, and print templates

  • Product table, cards, export files, and import files

This permission also gives access to the Invoice column on the Sales orders tab and the Invoice status button on the Sales order card (if your account syncs Sales orders to QuickBooks or Xero.

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