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WorkClout is an inspection platform that uses automation to help reduce the margin of error. This allows your workforce to do their best work to deliver high quality products and services to customers.

Using this integration, you can:

  • Send Katana Purchase orders (PO) to WorkClout as a quality control (QC) task (using a previously designed WorkClout template)

    • After QC is done in Workclout, the PO “Additional notes” field in Katana is updated with a reference URL to the test results in Workclout. (eg. “QC #1245 4 FAILED CHECKS for SKU 123324 -”).

    • Field is updated and not overwritten.


Signing up for Workclout

Depending on how many people will be using Workclout (5 or less), just sign up from the website to setup a subscription. If more than 5 people will be using Workclout, contact them or schedule a demo to be onboarded as an enterprise client.

Schedule a demo with Workclout to kick off using their platform

3 steps to connect

  1. Once onboarded to Workclout, log in, and from the Home screen scroll down to Katana tab

  2. Click Link katana and enter your credentials

  3. That's it! Purchase orders will be imported to Workclout in a few minutes and you can begin your quality control tasks.

Once the QA task is finished in Workclout, Katana PO's notes and status are updated.

Learn more about the Workclout platform here. For any questions, contact their support team via [email protected]

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