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Owlery is an all-in-one logistics platform for brands and manufacturers. The platform is used to gain control of supply chains and improve reliability and lower costs.

Integrating Owlery with Katana enables it to automate the workflow β€” quoting begins when orders are entered into the system (with sufficient data).

With this integration:

  • Users can import Sales orders and Purchase orders from Katana to Owlery

  • Once the integration has been added, you can select an order from Owlery's quotes page and get quotes from their US-based freight brokers.

Sign up for Owlery

On the main page click "Sign in," and connect through Google or Microsoft Outlook.

Schedule a demo with Owlery for tailored onboarding.

Connect Katana to Owlery

  1. From Owlery's Management tab, click Integrations, then +Add. Find "Katana" in the list, and click Confirm.

  2. Katana's Sales orders and Purchase orders will be imported to Owlery.

  3. For an order to start quoting freight brokers, generate BOL in Owlery.

    1. Your shipper account has to be connected to start generating quotes

    2. only North American freight brokers are supported

Learn more about the Owlery platform here. For any questions, contact their support team via [email protected]

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