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Planning and Forecasting add-on overview
Planning and Forecasting add-on overview
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Accurate planning and forecasting is a crucial part of any business. Running out of stock could mean you’ll miss out on sales, and holding overstock of inventory is expensive. Katana's Planning and Forecasting add-on is designed to help you accurately predict demand while still maintaining the best inventory levels.

By processing real-time sales data and analyzing historical trends, the Planning and Forecasting add-on prevents inventory errors and supports strategic growth planning. Below is a breakdown of how to get the most out of it, for improved inventory management and demand forecasting.

Planning and Forecasting best practices

Like any tool, the better you understand Planning and Forecasting, the better you'll be at getting the most out of it.

Katana's Plan screen which is unlocked with the Planning and Forecasting add-on

Evaluate the current process in your business

Review your existing inventory management and planning to identify gaps and problem areas. You'll want to think about your current forecasting methods, inventory management practices, and what challenges you face with stock levels.

Explore features

Discover all the capabilities the Planning and Forecasting add-on offers — demand planning with real-time sales data, proactive restocking based on historical data, SKU-specific lead times, precise reorder thresholds, and comprehensive purchase order management.

Integrate sales data

Connect your sales channels with Katana to ensure accuracy in demand planning and forecasting, getting the most out of real-time data. Accurate sales data is the foundation for any recommendations offered by Planning and Forecasting.

Add all products and materials

Import (through an integration or template) or manually add products and materials to Katana, including SKUs, lead times, and supplier information, for precise order planning.

Implement demand forecasting

Use demand forecasting to predict your future inventory needs. This will assist you in making informed decisions about ordering and restocking.

Plan replenishment

Add SKU-specific lead times and minimum order quantities (MOQ) to accurately schedule your inventory replenishment. This information ensures orders are placed and arrive at the best time to maintain your desired stock level.

Purchase orders

Use the Buy screen to manage all of your purchase orders, from order creation to supplier management.

Review and adjust

Regularly reassess your forecasts and plans. You should be adjusting for sales trends, seasonality, and market shifts to maintain appropriate inventory levels.

Planning and Forecasting insights

Use the insights from PAF for strategic inventory and sales decisions, such as product line adjustments, market exploration, or supply chain optimization.

Embrace continuous improvement

Keep up with Katana PAF updates and best practices. Change how you use Planning and Forecasting as your business evolves, engaging with Katana resources and support to fully leverage the add-on's benefits.


By implementing these strategies, you’ll not only streamline your inventory management and demand forecasting with Katana’s PAF, but you’ll position your business for sustainable growth.

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