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Adding products and connecting customers to a price list
Adding products and connecting customers to a price list

Simplify pricing by adding products to price lists and connect customers to the lists

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Katana streamlines the process of managing customer-specific pricing through the use of price lists. By adding products to these lists and linking them to customers, businesses can reduce manual adjustments of prices for individual sales orders. This approach not only saves time but also ensures consistency in pricing strategies across customers.

Once you've created a price list, you'll want to begin adding products to it and connecting the customer(s) who would be affiliated with the price list. Remember, the goal is to cut down on the repeated manual work involved in changing prices for specific customers.

Adding products to a price list

To add items to a price list, type in an item's name or SKU in the price list table.

Each item added to the price list will use the following two columns:

  • Default sales price - represents the price set on the item card

  • Adjustment method - the calculation method used for the customer's price on a sales order.
    There are 2 options available:

    • Fixed - the price in the Amount field will overwrite an item's default sales price on a sales order.

    • Percentage - the Final price column is calculated based on what is entered in the Amount field. This price overwrites an item's default sales price on sales orders.

Adding customers to a product list

To add customers to a price list, navigate to the Customers tab and click on + Add new row .

Activating a price list

By default, price lists are set to an Inactive status. When Inactive, price list prices won't overwrite the default sales price on a sales order.

To change this, switch the price list to Active either on the specific price list or within the Price lists tab.

Here's how you can change the status on the Price lists tab.

Changing from Active to Inactive

Changing a price list status from Active to Inactive won't affect the price of items that have already been added to a sales order.

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