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Price lists: Setup, adding products, and connecting customers
Price lists: Setup, adding products, and connecting customers

Set up and manage price lists in Katana, linking products and customers for tailored pricing.

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If you ever provide your customers with specific product prices based negotiated rates, Katana's price lists help you easily manage these prices with your customers, especially if multiple customers share the same set (non-default) prices.

Using price lists ensures that whenever you create a sales order (SO) for a customer associated with one, their set custom price is automatically applied. This simplifies the sales process, ensures billing accuracy, and promotes customer satisfaction through personalized pricing strategies.

Note: Price lists are only available for those on a Professional or Professional Plus plan.

Setting up a price list

Before you get started, you'll first need to have permission to access price lists (head below if the permission is already enabled.

You can have an admin enable the permission by clicking their name in the top right and selecting Team. From this screen, select the user you want to change permissions for and make sure Access price lists is checkmarked. With this enabled, they can create, edit, and delete price lists.

Katana's permissions screen with 'Access price lists' highlighted

Once you have the permission enabled, head to the Items screen and select the Price lists tab. From this tab, you can create and manage existing price lists.

Shows the Price lists tab inside the Items screen

To create a price list, click on the + Price List button.

Give the price list a unique name (i.e., wholesale price list, VIP customer, etc) so it will be easy to remember when and where to use it.

The price list name is highlighted

Adding products to the price list

Start adding products to your price list by typing an item's name or SKU in the products table.

Adding products to a price list

Each item added to the price list will have the following columns:

Some of the columns on the products table on a price list
  • Default sales price - the item's default sales price which is set on its item card

  • Adjustment method - the method used to calculate the customer's item price on a sales order. There are 2 options available:

    • Fixed - with this option, the price entered in the Amount field will replace the item's default sales price on a sales order.

    • Percentage - using this option, the final price will be percentage calculated based on the value entered in the Amount field. The number in the Final price column will replace the item's default sales price on a sales order.

Connecting the price list to a customer

To choose customers to be connected to the price list, navigate to the Customers tab and add a customer by selecting + Add new row and typing in a customer's name.

Highlights adding a customer to a price list

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