To complete a Manufacturing Order, you need to set the Production status to "Done".

This means that the production is finished. In "Stock", the following movements are recorded:

- "In Stock" for the product you manufactured is increased and the "Expected" quantity for the product is decreased.

- "In Stock" and "Committed" quantities for relevant materials and subassemblies will be decreased based on the quantities of ingredients on the Manufacturing Order.

Katana enables you to record waste of ingredients created in manufacturing or account for varying amounts of ingredients in the production process. If you used more or fewer ingredients in production than is defined in the Product Recipe / BOM, you can edit the quantities for ingredients on the Manufacturing Order before completing the order. Click on the quantity for an ingredient to start editing. These changes are not applied to the default Product Recipe defined on the product card.

A completed Manufacturing Order will be automatically moved to the "Done" tab in the "Schedule" and a Done Date will be assigned to the MO. 

When a "Done" Manufacturing Order status is changed back to some previous status, changes in inventory are also reverted. A Manufacturing Order will be moved back to the "Open" orders list in the "Schedule".

Manufacturing status can be changed on the Manufacturing Order card or in the "Schedule":

Manufacturing Order Card


A Manufacturing Order is also completed when all tasks are finished by Operators in the Shop Floor Control app. Read more