You cannot yet send Purchase Orders (PO) or Requests for Quote (RFQ) directly from Katana to your suppliers. You need to save the Purchase Orders as PDF and send them to suppliers by e-mail using your preferred e-mail service provider.

You can save those documents in PDF via the Print button on a PO card in Katana. You can print the Purchase Order card in two different formats: either as a PO or a Request for Quote (RFQ)).

How to print?

1. Navigate to a Purchase Order card that you wish to save as PDF.

2. Click on a Print buttonat the top corner of the PO card.

3. From the dropdown menu, select if you wish to print the Purchase Order or a Request for Quote.

4. Select to print or save to PDF (or select a printer to print on paper).

4. Open your preferred e-mail service (e.g. Gmail, Microsoft Outlook), attach the PDF to the e-mail and send it out to the supplier.

Note: You can only save Purchase Orders to PDF one-by-one, Katana does not yet support printing orders in bulk.