A Resource is an employee or a workstation, for example, that is needed to complete a Production Operation step. In the Production Operations section of the product card, you can assign a Resource to each Operation step. Read more about Production Operations.

Resources enable managing the tasks list for each Resource in the "Tasks" view in the "Make" screen. Read more about managing tasks.

If your existing Resources do not yet include the Resource you wish to use for a Production Operation step, you can create new Resource in the Production Operations tab on a product card.

Creating new Resources

1. Create a new product or navigate to an existing product in the "Items" screen.

2. Click on Production Operations tab.

3. Type a new Resource name to the Resource field.

4. Press Enter or click on "Create new: [resource]" in the drop-down menu. Your Resource name will be saved automatically.

Alternatively, you can create new Resources in "Settings" -> "Resources". There you can also edit and delete your existing Resources.

Saved Resources are reusable in Production Operations for other products and save you time as you do not need to retype the Resource name.

In Settings, you can also drag-and-drop to reorder Resources. The same order of Resources is used in the "Tasks" list in the "Make" screen. Read more about the "Tasks" list.