Confirming a Quote turns it into a Sales order (SO) which is added to the bottom of Open table of Sales orders tab in the Sell screen with a Delivery status of Not shipped.

Once converted to a SO, it will start participating in Stock reservations for items in the order.

Confirm Quotes individually or in bulk

Mark a Quote status as Confirmed either from a Quote card or in the Quotes tab from the Sell screen.

Changing the status of a single Quote:

  1. Open or create a new Quote.

  2. Change the Status from Pending to Confirmed.

  3. Quote turns it into a SO and is added to the bottom of the Open table for Sales orders.

Change the status of Quotes in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Quotes tab in the Sell screen.

  2. Individually checkmark Quotes or bulk select.

  3. Select Bulk actions and choose Confirmed from the Status section.

You can also revert a Confirmed Quote back from a SO to a Quote if needed.

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