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Exporting a Sales order
Exporting a Sales order

Export sales orders to .xlsx or .csv formats for detailed product-level sales analysis.

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Exporting sales orders is a straightforward process that allows you to save information in .xlsx or .csv formats from both Open and Done tables. This functionality is essential for analyzing sales data at the product level, providing detailed insights into order specifics.

To export sales orders

Navigate to the Sell screen and choose the Open or Done table depending on which you want to export.

You can find the Export button near the top corner of the order list. This exports all orders on the list.

Shows the export option on the sell screen

Each row in the exported file is one order line, not a full order. If you have more than one line on an order, there will be multiple rows for this order in the exported file. This enables you to analyze sales at the product level.

Note: The totals you see in the exported file may differ from the total shown in Katana as what is in Katana is based on totals from the SO card. Exports are done on a product level while Katana's list views are based on SO cards.

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