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Delivering a Sales order
Delivering a Sales order

Learn to manage and update delivery statuses in Katana.

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Managing delivery statuses in Katana ensures that sales orders move smoothly from packing to shipping. The process involves updating statuses from Packed to Delivered, which is critical for maintaining accurate inventory levels and providing timely updates to customers.

This guide covers the steps for changing delivery statuses both individually and in bulk, helping streamline your order fulfillment process.

There are two types of delivery stages within Katana.

When items have been picked from your warehouse and packed for delivery, mark a sales order (SO) fully or partially packed using the Pack all or Pack some... options. This adjusts the inventory levels for items included in the SO.

More precisely, both In stock and Committed quantities are decreased for items included in the SO. Packed and Partially packed statuses mean that items haven't been shipped yet, so the SO will remain in the Open sales orders table.

If you want, you can skip the order's packing step and deliver the order without packing.

Mark a SO Delivered when you ship out the goods. You can deliver an order fully or partially using Deliver all or Deliver some... . This doesn't trigger additional inventory movements if the status is changed from Packed to Delivered, but If you change a Not shipped SO directly to Delivered, both In stock and Committed quantities are decreased for all items included in the SO.

Read more about sales order statuses.

Delivering sales orders individually or in bulk

The Delivery status of a SO can be changed from the Sell screen or on the SO card.

Changing the delivery status on a SO card

  1. Click on the delivery status drop menu:

    Shows where the status dropdown on sales order card is
  2. Select the action you'd like to take from the drop menu:

    Shows the status dropdown menu on a sales order card

Changing the delivery status for a single SO on the Sell screen

  1. Click on the Delivery status field of the order:

    Shows where the status dropdown is on the sell screen

  2. Select the delivery status you want:

    The the status dropdown menu on the sell screen

Changing SO delivery statuses in bulk

  1. On the Sell screen, select the Sales orders you want to work with

    Tip: To select a sequence of sales orders, tick the first one, hold the "Shift" key, and tick the last one and all sales orders between those two will be selected.

  2. Click on the Status dropdown:

    Bulk option of status change on the sell screen

  3. Select the status you want to bulk change to:

    Options in the dropdown for bulk changing sales orders

Partial pack and Partial delivery aren't possible via bulk actions.

You can also revert a Packed or Shipped action. Read about Reverting a sales order.

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