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Completing a Manufacturing order
Completing a Manufacturing order

How to complete a Manufacturing order in Katana

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To complete a Manufacturing order (MO), you need to either set the Production status to Done for the entire MO or complete all the related Production operations. Operations can also be completed via the Shop Floor App.

Typically, if all Operations have been completed, the MO is automatically completed. However, if you track batches for the product or ingredients and batch numbers haven't been assigned to items on the MO, completing the Production operations from the Shop Floor App will not complete the MO automatically. In this case, you need to select batch numbers directly on the MO from inside the main Katana web app and complete it separately.

When a MO is completed, the following stock movements are recorded:

  • In stock for the product you manufactured is increased based on the actual quantity produced, and the Expected quantity for the product is decreased (this is based on the planned quantity of the MO).

  • In stock and Committed quantities for relevant materials and subassemblies are decreased based on the actual quantities of ingredients on the MO.

Katana allows you to record the waste of ingredients created in manufacturing or account for varying amounts of ingredients in the production process. If you used fewer or more ingredients in production than planned, you can insert the actual quantity used. Click on the quantity of an ingredient to edit. This can also be reported via the Shop Floor App.

A completed MO will automatically move to the Done table in the Schedule tab, and a Done date is assigned.

When a Done MO status is changed back to a previous status, the changes in inventory are also reverted. A MO will be moved back to the Open table.

Manufacturing status can be changed on the MO card or in the Schedule tab:

Manufacturing order card


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