You can export your batch information from Katana to a spreadsheet either from the Batches tab on the Stock screen or from Settings screen > Data import (the same file can also be used for importing new batches).

Batch tracking in Katana is available on the Advanced, Professional, or Enterprise plans. You can upgrade from the Subscription page in Katana or by enabling an Advanced feature (e.g. enabling batch tracking for any item in Katana).

Exporting batches from the Batches tab on the Stock screen

Exporting from the Batches tab on the Stock screen lets you filter results before exporting. Any filters applied in the Batches tab will also be applied to the export.

From the Batches tab, you can export batches separately by Location. If you want to export batches across all Locations, you can do that from the Data import page (see below).

Exporting batches from the Data import page

Export all your batches across all Locations by following the 2 steps below.

  1. Go to Settings screen > Data import.

  2. Find the Add new batch / lot numbers section and click Download data.

    Your existing batches will be exported to a spreadsheet (XLSX), with each row being a specific batch for an item at a specific Location.

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