If you've created more than one Location on your Katana account, you can transfer stock from one location to another.

When adding items with batch tracking enabled to a Stock transfer, you must define a batch number for the transferred quantity.

You can only transfer items from existing batches, not create new batches with a Stock Transfer.

One batch can exist at multiple Locations. For example, you can have 5 pcs of "Product A", batch "01-234" at Location 1, and 6 pcs of the same product and the same batch at Location 2.

  1. Create a Stock transfer and add a batch-trackable item to the transfer.

  2. Click on the Quantity field, and a popup window will open where you can enter batch tracking information.

  3. First, enter the Quantity to transfer (this can only be a positive number).

  4. Then assign a Batch # for the transferred quantity (you can only select existing batches).

  5. The Expiration date field is filled if the selected batch had an existing Expiration date. If no expiration date exists for the selected batch, you can enter a date or leave it blank.

  6. You can add additional rows in the popup window to transfer items from other batches of the same item.

  7. Click Confirm.

  8. The Quantity for the stock transfer row is the sum of all quantities entered in the Batch tracking info window. Detailed information about transferred batches is displayed below the row.

You can edit batch tracking info for an existing transfer row by clicking on the Quantity field.

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