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What an "unbatched" batch is
What an "unbatched" batch is

Find out how a batch can be "unbatched"

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When batch tracking is enabled for an item, then all the quantity you have "In stock" for this item must belong to a particular batch.

In certain situations, you might have a number of items in stock for which you have not assigned any batch numbers, although batch tracking is enabled for that item. This quantity is assigned to a batch called "unbatched".

Do not let yourself get confused by the batch name "unbatched". Technically, this is still a batch in Katana. It behaves exactly the same way as any other batch with a proper batch number. You can add and remove items from this batch, and select items from this batch for any stock movement.

When are items assigned to the "unbatched" batch?

  • When you enable batch tracking for an item that already has a positive quantity "In stock". The existing stock quantity is allocated to the "unbatched" batch.

  • When you complete a Sales order (SO) with a Make to Order Manufacturing order (MO) attached to it, and the MO uses batch-trackable ingredients, the ingredients are automatically taken from the "unbatched" batch. This also applies to a situation where the SO is completed via order fulfillment status sync from your e-commerce channel (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce).

The "unbatched" batch can have a negative stock quantity.

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