Batch tracking can be switched ON and OFF at the item level (i.e. for each product and material) on the item card. You can set this manually for each item or change the setting for multiple items in bulk.

Since batch tracking is set at an item level, this setting affects all the variants of the item. However, enabling or disabling batch tracking for an item does not affect any other items.

Manually enabling batch tracking for an item

  1. Navigate to the Items screen and select a product or material from the list.

  2. Enable I track batch / lot numbers.

  3. Batch tracking in Katana is included in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans (see more about subscription packages here). If using the Essential plan, you will be asked to confirm the change to an Advanced or higher plan (either a monthly or annual plan with a 14-day free trial).

  4. Batch tracking for all variants of the item is now enabled.

    If you already had a certain quantity of items In stock before enabling batch tracking, then all the existing items are assigned to a batch called "unbatched".

Here is how you can start creating new batches.

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