Creating Locations

How to create new Locations

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To create new Locations in Katana:

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  1. Navigate to Settings screen > Locations.

  2. Click + Add new row below the Locations table.

  3. Fill in the Location name in the pop-up window and click Confirm.

  4. Add an address to the Location, which will be displayed on Purchase order print-outs, indicating the Ship to address for suppliers.

  5. Select whether you Make, Sell, and/or Buy at that Location. Based on the selection, that specific Location will display in the Location selector for Sales orders, Manufacturing orders, and Purchase orders.

You can now track stock at the new location from the Stock screen, assign orders to the location, manage independent Sales, Make, and Buy lists for each location, and create Stock transfers to transfer stock from/ to the location.

The Main location can't be deleted but you can rename it to whatever you choose.

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