You can update Production Operations in bulk by exporting your existing operations to a CSV file, making the necessary changes to the file, and uploading it back into Katana.

We recommend this workflow to replace a certain step within multiple Production Operations, add new steps, replace entire Production Operations for products, or make any other changes to your existing Production Operations.

Updating Production Operations in bulk

  1. Navigate to the Items screen.

  2. Export your Production Operations to a file. Click Bulk actions and select Operations from the Export section. (You can also select specific products from the list if you do not wish to export operations for all products by clicking the checkmark(s) at the beginning of each row).

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  3. Make whichever changes you need to the file.

    Read more instructions from the Importing Production Operations article.

  4. Import your new Production Operations back to Katana. Go to Settings > Data import and click Upload data under the "Add new product operations" section.

  5. When uploading you can choose whether to replace the existing production operations in Katana or add operation steps from the imported file to existing recipes.

  6. Before uploading, Katana will analyze the imported file and let you know if there are errors with any rows or columns. If rows are skipped, please check the imported file, correct the mistakes and upload it again.

  7. After you click "OK, go ahead", the operations will import into Katana. After the import is completed, you will receive a message indicating the number of operation steps imported.

Note: Changes to the default Production Operations for a product will not be applied to any open Manufacturing Order (MO) for that product automatically. Apply changed Operations to an MO by navigating to the MO card and clicking Refresh data in the relevant popup alert at the bottom of the screen.

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