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Editting suppliers
Editting suppliers

Easily update supplier info in Katana: contact details, and more, which automatically syncs across related POs and OPOs.

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Streamlining your supply chain in Katana includes the ability to edit supplier information quickly and efficiently. Whether it's updating contact details or changing a name, this guide ensures that changes are reflected across associated Purchase orders (POs) and Outsourced purchase orders (OPOs), maintaining consistency and accuracy in your supplier database.

To edit information about a supplier, navigate to the Contacts screen, and select the Suppliers table.

The Suppliers table in the Contacts screen

To edit a supplier, click the supplier's name and a Supplier card will open with their info. Then click the field you want to edit and all changes will be saved automatically. If a supplier is used on any Purchase orders (PO) or Outsourced purchase orders (OPO), the supplier info will also be updated there.

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