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Managing discounts for customers
Managing discounts for customers

Easily manage and apply customer discounts in Katana, from setting rates on customer cards to order adjustments.

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Manage customer discounts in Katana by enabling set discount percentages directly on the Customer card. These discounts are automatically applied to new line items in sales orders, simplifying the process of adjusting prices for valued customers. This guide covers how to add and modify discounts, ensuring they're accurately reflected in your sales activities.

If you want to add discounts to a customer, add them as a percentage on the Customer card.

When a Sales order (SO) is created for a customer who has a discount, Katana automatically applies the discount rate to each new line item added to the SO.

Sales order with the discounts highlighted

If you later decide to change a customer discount rate, it won't affect existing sales order line items on Open sales orders. For example, if a customer discount is changed from 10% to 20%, existing line items on an Open SO will stay at 10% while new line items will receive a 20% discount.

Customer discounts are not automatically applied to SOs imported from an e-commerce platform like Shopify. See this article to learn how discounts are applied to imported SOs from an e-commerce platform.

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