Each Purchase Order has a Delivery status, which can be manually changed by the user. Statuses include "Not received" and "Received". Statuses trigger specific movements in stock and also help to monitor deliveries of items to your warehouse.


- Not received: When you create a Purchase Order and fill in the required information, the Purchase Order is saved with "Not received" status. This means that the relevant items have not yet arrived in your warehouse and are in "Expected" status.

- Received: You should mark the Purchase Order as "Received" when the items have arrived in your warehouse. After marking a Purchase Order as "Received", the items are added to "In stock" and the "Expected" quantity is decreased. You can only receive all items on the Purchase Order, partial receiving is not yet supported.

You can revert a "Received" Purchase Order by changing the status back to "Not received". The relevant items will be eliminated from "In Stock" and added back to "Expected" quantities in the "Inventory" list.

Read how to Receive a Purchase Order and Revert a Purchase Order.