Locations in Katana are different physical places where you store stock. They are typically used if you have multiple warehouses, use any fulfillment centers, store stock at your own retail outlet or at resellers' shops or warehouses.

Note: Katana does not yet support managing multiple production sites on one Katana account. The Locations feature can be currently used if you have multiple "sales locations" where you store your sales items.

Locations are typically located at different geographical spots, although you can create Locations for different parts of the same warehouse if it makes sense for your business or processes.

However, do not confuse Locations in Katana with bin locations, which typically refer to the exact location of a certain item in your warehouse (shelf number and the exact spot on the shelf). Bin locations feature is not yet available in Katana.

What should I know about Locations?

- Adding multiple Locations enables you to track stock quantities at different locations, not only see the total inventory list combining all your locations. For example, you can identify when the stock is getting low at fulfillment centers or resellers' shops, and send more if needed.

- You can transfer stock between Locations with a Stock Transfer in Katana. Read more about Creating a Stock Transfer.

- You can store both products and materials at any location. 

- You can assign Sales Orders to different Locations. In this case, the Sales Items Availability for items on the order will check the stock availability from the assigned Location, not from all Locations combined. You can define a Default Sales Location, which is the Location that is assigned to all your new Sales Orders by default. Read more.

- You can currently only store your stock and sell at different Locations. Katana does not yet support managing multiple production sites on one Katana account as you cannot assign Manufacturing Orders to different Locations. You can only make products at one location. Make or Buy functionalities cannot be enabled for other locations than the "Main location".

- Adding Locations to your Katana account is a paid feature. Each additional Location increases the Katana subscription cost according to our pricing structure: Pricing and Plans

Note: Multiple location feature in Katana is currently in Free Trial and adding additional inventory Locations is available for free.