Currently, you can't send Purchase orders (PO) or Requests for quote (RFQ) directly from Katana to suppliers. Instead, you need to save the Purchase orders a PDF and send them to suppliers by email. The same applies for sending Outsourced Purchase order documents to the suppliers.

Save documents as a PDF via the Print button on a PO card. You can print the PO card in two different formats: either as a PO or an RFQ.

Each copy also includes the legal name and address of your company and the address of the Location assigned to the PO - read more.

To customize print templates, Katana offers a flexible PDF Editor which allows full customization of the design, data fields and special components (barcodes, images, logos). Head here to see how to create your own print templates.

Steps to print

  1. Navigate to a PO card.

  2. Click on the Print icon at the top corner.

    1. From the dropdown menu, select Purchase order or a Request for quote.

  3. From the next screen, you can choose to print or save the PO as a PDF.

Note: You can only save Purchase orders to PDF individually, Katana does not currently support bulk order printing.

Address info isn't displayed on the PO card inside Katana but is displayed on printouts.

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