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Editing a material
Editing a material

How to edit a material

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You can edit a material on the material card. As there is no "Edit" button on a material card, simply make changes, and they will save automatically. You will see All changes saved at the top right-hand of the material card.

You can also edit Variant codes / SKU for your materials in bulk. Read more about updating materials in bulk.

To edit a material:

  1. Navigate to the Items screen and find the material in the Materials table. Click on the material to open a material card.

  2. Change the value of a field, and your changes automatically save.

    From the material card, you can edit the following:

    General Info - Material Name, Category, Unit of Measure, Variants, Variant code / SKU, Batch tracking, Default purchase price, Default storage bin.

Editing the Purchase price

Editing the Default purchase price on a material card will change the default Purchase price added to new Purchase orders. Existing Purchase orders will not change.

When using Multi-currency (Advanced or higher subscription plan only), if your supplier currency is different than your base currency, the default purchase price will be in the supplier's currency. Read more

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