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Deleting Product recipes
Deleting Product recipes

How to delete Product recipes

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In Katana, it's easy to delete Product recipes for a single product or delete them in bulk for multiple products in only a few clicks.

Deleting a Product recipe from a single product

  1. Navigate to the Items screen and select a product from the list. Note that when a product has multiple variants, clicking on any variant of the product will direct you to the product card for all variants.

  2. Click on the Product recipe / BOM tab.

  3. Find Delete recipe from the top corner of the Ingredients table.

If the product has multiple variants, the recipe will be deleted for all variants of that product.

Note: If you have open Manufacturing orders for a product, the Product recipe on those MOs won't be deleted. To delete or update a Product recipe on existing MOs in bulk, click on Update MO's at the bottom of the screen. You can also update MOs individually from the MO card by clicking Refresh data at the bottom of the MO card.

Deleting Product recipes in bulk for multiple products

  1. Navigate to the Items screen.

  2. Select the products you want to delete the Product recipe / BOM from.

  3. Click the delete icon.

  4. Select Recipes / BOMs under the dropdown.

Note: If you selected a variant for a product that has multiple variants, the recipes for all variants of the product will be deleted.

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