Editing Product recipes

How to edit Product Recipes

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This article focuses on changing the default Product recipe for a product on the product card.

You can edit the ingredients and their quantities on each Manufacturing order (MO) if you used more or fewer ingredients in production than what is defined in the default Product recipe. Read more about Manufacturing orders

The following guide focuses on editing Product recipes individually. If you want to edit recipes in bulk, please refer to this article.

Changes to the default Product recipe of a product won't automatically be applied to any open Manufacturing orders for that product. You can apply changed Recipes to selected open MOs in bulk with a few clicks or update MOs one by one.

Editing a Product recipe

  1. Navigate to the Product recipe on a product card

    The Product recipe can be edited and deleted from a product on a product card. Navigate to the Items screen > Products table and click on the product you want to edit. Find the Product recipe / BOM tab next to General info.

  2. Edit the Product recipe

    To edit ingredients (materials and subassemblies), quantities, and variant values - just click on the associated fields and change the values. Changes are saved automatically. Note that the Unit of measure for quantities can be edited on the connected material or product (i.e. subassembly) cards. Variant option values are only visible if you enabled variants for a product and inserted Variant options.

    You can replace an existing Product recipe with a recipe from another product.

    Stock Cost field - A uneditable calculated field. Stock Cost = Average Cost of Item in Stock x Quantity.

    Delete ingredients - Delete materials and subassemblies in a Product recipe by clicking on the trashcan icon at the end of an item's row. If you want to delete a product's entire Product recipe, delete all materials and subassemblies from the recipe.

Note: Changes to the Product recipe don't automatically apply to existing Manufacturing orders. You can apply Recipe changes to selected open MOs in bulk or update MOs one by one.

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