During the course of the business, your Product Recipes might change as you fine-tune the recipe or make any adjustments. You can edit default Product Recipes for products by manually changing the ingredients or their quantities, or updating your Recipes in bulk using our data import functionality.

Depending on the specific case, you might or might not wish to apply those recipe changes to your existing open Manufacturing Orders.

Changes to Product Recipes will not be applied to any open Manufacturing Orders (MO) for the product automatically. In certain cases, you might wish to complete the open production jobs based on the previous recipe and only start using the new recipe for upcoming manufacturing orders.

You can apply changes made to the product's Recipe to selected open MOs in bulk with a few clicks, or go and update Recipes for MOs one by one.

Applying Recipe changes to open manufacturing orders in bulk

1. After changing the Product Recipe for a product, a notification will pop up on the Product Recipe tab, showing the number of open MOs for that product. Click on "Update open MOs".

2. The list will display open Manufacturing Orders for that product.

Select the Manufacturing Orders to which you would like to apply the changes made to the Recipe and click "Update Selected".

Please note that this list includes only Open Manufacturing Orders (does not include any Done MOs) with a Production status of "Not started". If the production for the MO is "Work in progress" or "Blocked", then you cannot update the recipe for those MOs using the current popup. You can still update the recipe for those by navigating to the MO card and clicking on the "Refresh data" button on the MO.

If you have already made any changes to the Ingredients list directly on a specific Manufacturing Order card, then this MO will not be displayed on this update list for MOs either. Again, you can go directly to the MO card to update the recipe in that case.

3. Product Recipes for all selected MOs have been updated!

Note: Updates to the Product Recipe are not applied for calculating the Ingredients availability status for a Sales Order (SO) in case the Sales Items availability is "Not available". In case the Sales Item is "Not available", the Sales Order checks the inventory status for required Ingredients directly and there are no manufacturing orders related to the SO. Katana does not update the Ingredients availability status for SOs in this case and you cannot update SOs from the "Update MOs" button either. However, when a manufacturing order is created for the products required by the SO and the Sales Items availability changes to "Expected", then this MO is created using the latest recipe and this is then reflected also in the Ingredients availability for the SO.

Applying Recipe changes to a single open Manufacturing Order

When the Product Recipe has been changed on the item card and the changes have not been applied to open Manufacturing Orders, then Katana displays an option to update the Recipe directly on the MO card.

1. Go to Make screen > Schedule tab and open a MO for the product.

2. If the default Product Recipe for that product has been changed, a notification at the bottom of the screen will enable you to apply those changes to the MO.

3. Click "Refresh data" to update the ingredients list for that MO only.

This will also apply changes to the Operations section on the MO card automatically if there have been any changes to the default Production Operations for the product.

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