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Relations of task statuses in SFC and MRP app
Relations of task statuses in SFC and MRP app

All tasks with an Operator assigned appear in the Shop Floor App

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All tasks (Operations on open Manufacturing orders) for which an Operator has been assigned to from the Katana website appear in the Shop Floor App.

Operators can update statuses for tasks in the app, and they automatically update in the Katana website, and vice versa.

Not all statuses are reflected in the same way in the other app. Here's how statuses are related between the website and Shop Floor App:

Shop Floor App

Katana manufacturing website

Start button is displayed when the task hasn't been started

Status is not started

Pause / Finish is displayed, meaning that the task is in progress

In progress

The task is "Paused" and Quit / Resume is displayed

In progress is displayed. The task cannot be paused from the main site.

Task has been Quit. The task is reverted back to the not started status

Status is not started

Tash is Finished.
Task disappears from the list.

Status is done

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