We are thrilled that you are looking to subscribe to Katana. :) We hope that Katana will make managing your business much easier, keep on top of your inventory and production activities at all times.

When you sign up to Katana (find the instructions here), a 14 day free trial will be activated. If you wish to continue using Katana after the trial period has ended, you are asked to subscribe to a paid plan. The trial period will run to the end, even if you decide to subscribe before the trial has expired.

There are 4 subscription plans available: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Please see more details here: https://katanamrp.com/pricing/.

By default, the Essentials plan is activated on your trial account. An Advanced or higher plan can be activated either by:

  • Enabling an Advanced plan feature on the account (e.g. enable batch number tracking for an item, add an Operator to the Shop Floor App or enable Multi-currency).

  • From the "Subscription" page. Log in to Katana, click on the account name in the top corner and select "Subscription".

You can choose between monthly or annual subscription pricing structure.

Complete the following steps to subscribe:

1. During your free trial period, you will see an alert at the top of the screen in Katana software indicating the number of days left of your trial.

2. Click on "Add billing details" button on this alert. Alternatively, you can also access the subscription setup by clicking on your company name in the upper right corner and selecting "Subscription" -> "Manage your subscription" -> "Edit" for Billing Information.

If your free trial has ended, you can log in to Katana, but you cannot access your account before subscribing. In this case, Katana asks you to choose a subscription plan and enter your billing details.

Note: If you have connected to Katana directly from Shopify App Store, the red button will say "Accept charge". In this case, you are billed for your Katana subscription directly by Shopify.

3. Choose either an Annual or a Monthly subscription for your pricing plan.

4. Check your subscription details and click on "Start subscription".

5. You are then asked to insert your billing information.

Note: We only accept credit card payments, including Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

6. Click "Update Billing Information" and this is it! You can close the subscription pop-up window and continue using Katana.

The first charge will occur only after your trial period has ended, so you will not lose any trial period days even if you subscribe before the end of the trial.

You will be automatically charged at the beginning of each billing period until you cancel the subscription. You can manage your active subscription by clicking on your company name in the upper right corner and selecting "Subscription".

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