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How do I delete demo data?
How do I delete demo data?

See how to get rid of the demo data if you no longer need it

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When you sign up for Katana, you might notice that we have added some demo data to your account. It is meant to make it easier for you to explore Katana and understand how it works.

However, if you wish to start using Katana in your business, you are probably looking to clear the demo data and insert your own items and orders.

We have added a button for clearing all demo data from your account with just a couple of clicks. You can find this button next to your account name in the top corner of the page.

All pre-installed items and orders will be deleted from your account after clicking on the Demo data button and confirming your intentions. If you have edited any demo data to convert it to your own items or orders, please be aware that they will still be deleted.

If you have used demo items in any new product recipes or have created new Stock Adjustments for demo items, then Katana might not be able to clear all demo data. You will receive a respective message in Katana.

Deleting demo data manually

If the automatic deletion of demo data has failed or some items and orders were not deleted, you can always clear the remaining data manually.

You can easily delete demo orders and items by navigating to an item or order card, clicking on 3-dots icon in the top right corner of the card, and selecting Delete. As Katana applies some restrictions to deleting items that have existing stock or related orders, we recommend deleting demo data in the following order:

  1. Delete Done Purchase, Manufacturing, and Sales orders. Navigate to the respective section and select Done table from the table header. Delete each order by opening the order, clicking the 3-dots, and selecting Delete.

  2. Delete Open Purchase, Manufacturing, and Sales orders in the same way. You can access those in the respective sections in Katana.

  3. Delete demo products. You should delete products before materials as demo materials are included in the product recipes of demo products, and Katana will not allow deleting materials used in recipes.

  4. Delete demo materials.

Encountering issues deleting demo data?

If you find that some of your demo data doesn't delete, you will need to change your Inventory closing date.

  1. Head to the Settings screen and choose Costing from the left-side menu.

  2. In the yellow box, click Change inventory closing date.

  3. Choose a date earlier than when the account was created.

  4. Delete the demo data

  5. Return to Settings screen > Costing and return the Inventory closing date back to what it previously was.

Now, enter your own data by importing your products and materials, or just insert items and orders manually.

Happy manufacturing! :)

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