Use CartRover to integrate Katana with popular shopping carts, marketplaces, shipping, or warehouse management systems.

CartRover is a technology company specializing in integrations with a focus on creating integrated solutions for order management. Through optimization and automation, CartRover makes otherwise separate systems work together seamlessly. CartRover has over 100 e-commerce integrations you can connect to Katana today. See all CartRover integrations.

Unlike other integration platforms like Zapier and Integromat, CartRover is tailored to support order management workflows. This makes it ideal for setting up sales order workflows between Katana and your e-commerce platform of choice, including:

  • Import sales orders and related customer data from your e-commerce store to Katana.

  • Sync updated inventory levels from Katana to your online store.

  • Choose to import order-related product data from your online store to Katana if no matching products are found.

These workflows are ideal for connecting e-commerce platforms, but CartRover also supports different CRM, POS, and order management systems.

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How to connect CartRover to Katana

Connecting CartRover to Katana is easy and only takes a few minutes.

1. Create your free trial CartRover account here.

2. Log in and continue setting up Katana as WMS in CartRover. CartRover can send orders to one system per account. Theis system is referred to as "WMS" in CartRover. Click Grant Us API Access.

3. Authorize the connection by following the prompt to sign in to your Katana account. Enter the same email and password you use to log in to Katana.

4. After successful authorization, click OK to confirm. Then, click Test WMS Connection. Wait for the connection to be tested. If the test was successful, click Save.

5. CartRover can download orders from any number of order sources, referred to as "Carts". To continue setting up the connection to your e-commerce, CRM, or another platform, select Carts from the menu on the left. Click New Setup. Find the platform you want to connect to Katana and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

6. Final step of setting up is to review the synchronization settings on the account level, referred to as "Merchant". Select Merchant from the menu on the left, then Edit Setup. You can set the schedules for the synchronization with Katana and turn on inventory sync.

This is it! Your setup for importing sales orders to Katana and syncing inventory back is ready.

If you need any help with the setup or customizing the workflow, the CartRover team is happy to help. You can contact them by selecting Support from the menu on the left.

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