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Reconfiguring a QuickBooks Online integration
Reconfiguring a QuickBooks Online integration

Reconfigure your QuickBooks Online integration with Katana if it needs updating.

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Reconfiguring the QuickBooks Online integration with Katana allows for adjustments in ledger account mappings and tax settings post-initial setup. If you need to update your integration settings or re-import your customer and supplier data, disconnecting and reconnecting QuickBooks can solve this (with Katana preserving your previous settings).

When you first connect Katana to QuickBooks, you're asked to map QuickBooks ledger accounts and taxes to Katana. This is the only step where you can directly configure QuickBooks in Katana.

Reconnecting the QuickBooks Online integration

If you do need to change something with your QuickBooks Online integration, you can change the integration configuration and re-import your customers and suppliers by disconnecting your QuickBooks account from Katana and reconnecting. Your previous settings will be prefilled during reconnection and you can edit mappings during the progress steps of the connection flow.

Your integration settings will be updated when the reconnection is complete.

Reimporting customers and suppliers from QuickBooks

On the last step of the connection, if you also selected to import all your customers and suppliers then all contacts are re-synced with data from QuickBooks.

What's updated in Katana

Customer: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Shipping address, Billing address, Phone number

Supplier: First Name, Last Name, Phone number

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