Replyco integration overview

Replyco is an e-commerce helpdesk platform that centralizes all your customer messages into one inbox.

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What is Replyco?

Integrate Katana with Replyco to begin answering customer service inquiries in one inbox. With this integration, you can retrieve sales order info and re-use it in Replyco email templates.

This enables you to improve response times, automate tasks, streamline your production workflows, and deliver improved customer support.

Connecting Katana to Replyco

Once your Katana account is connected to Replyco, the helpdesk platform will gain access to sales orders inside Katana. This connection allows you to automatically notify clients if fulfilling a sales order takes longer than anticipated.

  1. To begin receiving order information from Katana, you'll need to connect it to Replyco. Sign up to Replyco here.

  2. Click +Add Integration at the top right and select Katana from the list of integration options.

  3. Click the Authorize button and log into your Katana account.

  4. To trigger a Sales order import to Replyco's support ticket, and re-use the order number in the communication inquiry with your customer, type Katana's order ID into the Order Details section:

  5. When replying to a customer message or creating an email template, re-use the Sales order number by searching through available fields. Type # and a pop-up window with available fields come up:

That’s all there is to it! To learn more about connecting to Replyco, check out this article.

💡 For extra help or questions about pricing, reach out to [email protected]

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