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Import suppliers to Katana from Google Sheets
Import suppliers to Katana from Google Sheets

Setup automation with Make to import suppliers data to Katana

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This guide helps you set up automation through Make to import supplier contacts to Katana from Google Sheets. To learn more about Make, check our Make integration overview.

It takes less than 15 minutes to set up this workflow.

Start importing suppliers to Katana from Google Sheets:

  1. Prepare the Google Sheet where supplier data will be exported from:

    1. Add headers for quicker navigation. Katana Supplier fields are:

      1. Name, Email, Comment, Katana internal ID

  2. From Make, + Create a new scenario to connect Google Sheets to Katana.

    The first step in the scenario is to connect Google Sheets as a trigger and Get Range Values:

    • Range can be copied from the previous step by selecting the necessary cells

    • Review the Row with headers

    • Click OK to save the module setup and proceed to the next step

    The second step is to link Katana as an action to Add Suppliers:

    • Map data fields

  3. Run the scenario and your Supplier data will import to Google Sheets πŸŽ‰

To avoid duplicates if you run the scenario more than once, adjust the first module to Watch Rows in Google Sheets so that only new records are added from now on.

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