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Export stock transfers from Katana to Google Sheets
Export stock transfers from Katana to Google Sheets

Setup automation with Make to export stock transfers from Katana

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Easily export stock transfers via from Katana to Google Sheets (and if you want to learn more about Make, check our Make integration overview). Setting up this workflow takes less than 15 minutes.

To start exporting stock transfers from Katana:

  1. Prepare the Google Sheet where Katana's contact data will be exported to:

    • Add a few sheets and headers for quicker navigation

      • 1 Sheet to map Locations, 1 Sheet for Stock Transfers

      • Possible header fields are:

        • Stock transfer number, Stock transfer row(s), Source Location, Target location, Transfer Date, Additional info, Katana internal ID, Created at, Updated at

  2. In, click + Create a new scenario to connect Katana to Google Sheets.

    The first step of the scenario is to connect Katana as a trigger and List Stock Transfers.

    Get Locations

    Map row IDs with the variant ID to get to product/material name

    Link Google Sheets as an action and Add Rows for stock transfer data:

    Map headers to keep data in the correct columns of the sheet

  3. Run the scenario once and your Stock transfers data is exported to Google Sheets πŸŽ‰

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