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Adding item serial numbers to a Sales order
Adding item serial numbers to a Sales order

Discover the different methods for adding serial numbers to different Sales orders.

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If you sell products with serial number tracking enabled, serial numbers must be assigned to the items on a Sales order (SO).

Depending on whether you are Making-to-Order or taking sales items from existing stock (Make-to-Stock), Katana will prompt you to either select items from existing serial numbers or assign serial numbers automatically.

Sales orders that are imported from an e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce) and fulfilled from the e-commerce side are marked as Done in Katana. A yellow notification will then appear within the list of completed SOs, along with a warning about missing serial numbers for the order.

Adding serial numbers for Make-to-Order

If you make items to order (using the Make-to-order button to create an MO for the item), serial numbers will be assigned to Items automatically.

As Make-to-Order products are directly related to an underlying SO, the SO always takes items from the related MO (Make-to-Order) automatically. This cannot be changed.

Adding serial numbers for Making-to-Stock

When taking items from existing stock (not Make-to-Order), you must select items from serial numbers manually.

You can select serial numbers for SO line items when you mark the SO delivery status as Packed or Delivered.

To add serial numbers to a SO:

  1. Click the yellow warning on a line item row for a modal with serial number selection to open.

  2. Select numbers from the stock and click Done.

To edit serial numbers on the SO, click on the green checkmark. This will open a modal where you can add or remove serial numbers. If you need to adjust the quantities, you can do so directly on the SO row before removing any unnecessary serial numbers.

Adding serial numbers when order fulfillment is initiated from the e-commerce side

If a SO includes products with serial numbers, the order is expected to be completed in Katana because e-commerce integrations don't currently import or sync serial number data.

It is possible to set the order status to Done in the e-commerce platform, which will result in a yellow notification in the Done SO list in Katana, indicating missing data from the SO. You can filter out these orders by clicking the warning icon in the Order # column of the Sell page. The warning information is also displayed on the SO.

To add serial numbers to a completed SO, the order must first be reverted. Note that a reverted SO will not sync back to the e-commerce platform.

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