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Access Settings screen permission
Access Settings screen permission

Control who has access to the customizable product-wide options inside the Settings screen

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Set permissions for accessing the Settings screen, ensuring only authorized users can modify system configurations. This is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your setup, as it restricts sensitive changes to trusted team members.

The access Settings screen permission controls who has access to the Settings screen inside Katana.

This permission is enabled by default for Users.

Note: The visibility of two sections inside the Settings screen (API and Integrations) is controlled by separate permissions.

Those with the access Settings screen permission enabled can configure the following product-wide information:

  • Base currency, default delivery, and lead times

  • Tax rates

  • Costing information

  • Barcodes

  • Shop Floor App settings

  • Data importing

In addition, this permission controls access to the creation and editing of:

  • Units of measure

  • Categories

  • Operations

  • Resources

  • Locations

  • Print templates

When an account Owner or a user with permission to Manage users invites a new user to Katana, they can choose default or custom access for that user.

If you'd like to change permissions for existing users, this can be done anytime by selecting Team from the dropdown under your name in the top right.

NOTE: Whenever permissions are changed, the affected user is asked to refresh the active session.

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