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Send sales order picking tasks to the Warehouse app
Send sales order picking tasks to the Warehouse app

Send sales order tasks to the Warehouse app for efficient order fulfillment and inventory tracking.

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Note: The Warehouse app is part of the Warehouse Management add-on, which covers all of your business’s main warehouse management needs. The add-on is included in Professional and Professional Plus plans. Those on a Standard plan can purchase this functionality with the add-on.

We’re working to improve this feature and appreciate any feedback. Book a call with our team to share your thoughts on using the Warehouse App.

The Warehouse app allows you to send sales order (SO) picking tasks directly to your warehouse team, ensuring efficient order fulfillment. The app will then provide detailed instructions and updates on the picking status, facilitating smooth operations and improving overall warehouse efficiency.

Sending tasks to the Warehouse app

If you've enabled the Warehouse app, changing a SO status to Pack all or Pack some will change the fulfillment status of the SO rows to Ready for packing. This will happen no matter if you change the status one by one on the SO card or from the SO list (individually or in bulk).

Highlighting the pack some and pack all status options for a sales order

If the SO row status is Ready for packing, a task will be created in the Warehouse app for the Warehouse operators.

Shows sales orders with a delivery status of ready for packing

If you've created multiple fulfilments for one SO using Pack some, these will show as separate tasks for the warehouse operator. The operator will see the SO # with a sequence of the partial fulfilment in brackets.

In case you are dealing with batch-trackable items, then you can choose to assign the batches yourself or leave it open for the operators to choose. To pre-assign the batches for the operators just choose correct batch in the batch assigning dialog in Katana.

If you want to leave it for the operators to choose leave the batch field empty in the dialog.

Available batches are shown in the FIFO (first in, first out) order to the operators in the Warehouse app. The chosen batch can later be seen from the SO card in Katana.

Note: In case you're using expiry dates on batches, the operator is not allowed to choose a batch that has exceeded the expiry date. To pick from such batch, the manager has to pre-assign the batch.

Once a warehouse operator Finishes a task, the SO row status will change to Packed and you can see who it was packed by. You can also edit the name of the packing operator by choosing another operator from the dropdown.

Shows who packed an order on the sales order

If mistakes are found, you can Revert SO rows back to Not delivered and perform changes in Katana. You can also mark an order Delivered in Katana. Either action removes the task from the Warehouse app.

Your feedback is invaluable. Let us know your thoughts on this article or anything in Katana you'd like to see improved: [email protected]

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