You can manage the manufacturing status at a detailed Production Operations level (step-by-step production) or at a Manufacturing Order level. This article focuses on managing the status at Production Operations level.

To track the status of specific operations, you have to define Production Operations for your products. Learn how to create Production Operations.

This enables changing and monitoring the step-by-step production process for each Manufacturing Order. Based on Production Operations, Katana creates a task list for your Resources (workstation, employees). Read more about managing tasks for Resources.

Use the Shop Floor Control app to manage tasks for your production team. SFC app is a mobile-friendly app for the production team where they can see and complete the tasks. The statuses for tasks are synced to the Katana MRP main site automatically in live. Read more.

If you do not need this level of detail and wish to track production at a more general level, please refer to this article.

Changing the status for specific Production Operations

Note: If you are using the Shop Floor control app, read more about changing the statuses in the app here.

You can change the production status for specific Operations either on the Manufacturing Order card or on in the "Tasks" list in the "Make" screen.

Changing the status on the Manufacturing Order card:

1. Navigate to the "Schedule".

2. Click on a specific MO to open a more detailed view and find the Operations section of the MO. card - Operations-n2k.PNG

3. Click on the status icon to change the Production Operation status. operation status-kEU.gif

Changing the status in the "Tasks" list:

1. Navigate to the "Tasks" list in the "Make" screen.

2. Click on the status icon for a specific Operation. Read more about the "Tasks" list.

Statuses of Production operations - not started-qiY.PNG

Not started. This operation has not yet been started. When you create a Manufacturing Order, the status for all Production Operations for the MO is set to "Not started" by default. - WIP-3qg.PNG

Work in progress. When you start working on the specific Production Operation, click on the Operation status. Status changes to yellow and indicates that the production is ongoing.

When at least one Production Operation has a status of "Work in progress" or "Done", the status for the whole Manufacturing Order will be automatically changed to "Work in progress". - Done-DNY.PNG

Done. The Production Operation step is finished.

When all Production Operations for a Manufacturing Order are finished, then the status for the whole MO will change to "Done", the related Operations are removed from the Operations page and the MO is moved to "Done" section in the MO list.

Changing the status for specific Production Operations does not trigger any inventory movements unless a change to the status of the whole Manufacturing Order is triggered as described above. Read more about Manufacturing Order statuses and related inventory movements here.