Although Katana does not yet have a dedicated feature for partial reception of Purchase Orders (coming soon!), there is an easy way to account for this in Katana already.

To partially receive a Purchase Order:

1. Open the Purchase Order you wish to partially receive.

2. Duplicate the Purchase Order.

3. We suggest changing the Purchase Order # for the duplicated PO to match the original PO. This would make it easier for you to identify those in the future (optional).

4. On the duplicated Purchase Order, adjust the quantities for items by inserting the quantities that you wish to receive at this point.

5. Mark the Delivery status of the duplicated Purchase Order to "Received".

6. Go back to the original Purchase Order and adjust the quantities for items to reflect the quantities that still need to be received (i.e. decrease the quantities by the amount that was already received).

This is it! You now have an open Purchase Order for the quantities of items that still need to be received and a done Purchase Order for quantities already received. The stock movements and status have been recorded in the background correctly for partial reception.