In case you receive only some of the items on the Purchase Order (but not all of the items), you can mark the Purchase Order as partially received. This will add the received items to your stock, but will keep the other items in the expected status.

You can receive a Purchase Order in as many parts as necessary.

To partially receive a Purchase Order:

1. Click on the Delivery status for the Purchase Order either directly in the "Buy" screen or on the Purchase Order card.

2. Select "Receive some..."

3. In the pop-up window, select the items you wish to receive to your stock. By default, the received quantity for a selected product will be set to the total unreceived quantity, but you can change it manually if needed.

4. Select the Received Date for the items and click "Receive selected".

The Purchase Order will now display Received and Not Received items in separate sections and the Delivery status is changed to "Partially received":

5. To receive all items, either mark the Delivery status of the PO to "Received" or receive more items by clicking on the status "Partially received" and selecting "Receive some...".

6. When all the items on the Purchase Order have been received, the PO will be moved to the "Done" section of the "Buy" screen.