This article gives a short overview for creating a Product Recipe for a product with no variants. If you have enabled variants for a product, you can create specific recipes for each product variant. Read more detailed instructions for creating variant-specific recipes.

Step 1 - Navigate to a Product Recipe on a product card

Product Recipe can be created for a product on a product card. Navigate to the "Items" screen, select "Products" tab from the top of the table and click on a product you wish to edit. Find a Product Recipe tab next to the General Info tab.

Step 2 - Add ingredients and quantities to the Product Recipe

Material or product (required) - you can select existing materials and products (i.e. subassemblies) to the Product Recipe or create new items by entering the item name and selecting "Create new: [item name]" from the drop-down menu. Read more about Creating a new material or product.

Quantity - insert a quantity used to manufacture one unit of the product. Unit of Measure for a product or material is set on the item card.

Stock Cost - a calculated field, which cannot be manually edited. Stock Cost = Average Cost of Item in Stock * Quantity. If the "In stock" quantity for a material is zero and, thus, there is no Average Cost, then a default Purchase Price of a material or manufacturing cost for a subassembly is used in Stock Cost calculations.