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Exporting a stock adjustment
Exporting a stock adjustment

Export your stock adjustments from Katana to a CSV file.

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Exporting stock adjustments from Katana into a CSV file allows you to analyze various inventory changes such as stock takes, write-offs, and wastage over time. This functionality is essential for detailed analysis at the product or material level, providing comprehensive data for better inventory management decisions.

To export a stock adjustment

  1. Navigate to the Stock screen and select the Stock adjustments tab.

    Stock adjustments tab of the stock screen

  2. Click the Export button at the top right to export the stock adjustments.

    Export option for stock adjustments

  3. The exported CSV file will include all the line items on stock adjustments, not only the summary visible on the Stock adjustments table in Katana.

Tip: If you only want to export certain stock adjustments, apply a filter in Katana, and the exported file will only include the filtered data.

Filter applied in the stock adjustments tab

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