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Exporting Sales orders for custom reports
Exporting Sales orders for custom reports

Export Sales Orders from the Sell screen in Katana

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If you are looking to analyze your sales performance then Insights gives you access to dashboards that offer insights into sales, cost of goods sold, and profits across all sales channels served through Katana. Find the "Insights" menu on the top navigation bar.

Exporting Sales Orders for custom reporting

You can export data from the insights pages using the download button on each element for more customized reports in a tool of your choice.

Exporting Open Sales orders

The open Sales orders table includes all orders yet to be delivered to customers. The columns include Order #, Customer, Total amount, and column statuses for Sales items, Ingredients, Production, and Delivery for each SO.

You can apply filters to any column to further narrow data. For example:

- Filter by Customer to see all open Sales orders related to a specific customer.

- Use the filter for the Delivery deadline to see Sales orders that need to be delivered by the end of next week.

- Enter Not available to the Product availability filter to see the total amount of Sales orders that still require products from your manufacturing.

Exporting past sales, costs, and profit

Navigate to the Done table of the Sell screen to access all your done Sales orders. Notice that a Picked date and Cost of goods sold amount is assigned to each SO when the Delivery status is changed to Packed or Delivered.

- Sales for a period: You can filter on the Picked date column to see your sales volumes for a specific period.

- Cost of goods sold (COGS). You can filter on the Picked date column to see your COGS for a specific period. COGS is the total cost of products sold with the SO. It is based on the Average cost of related products when marking the SO Delivery status as Delivered. The average cost is the average manufacturing cost for a product "In stock", which is based product's Product recipe and Production operations.

- Profit for a period. Filter on the Picked date column to see the profit for a specific period.

- Sales and profit for a customer. Filter on the Customer column to see sales volumes and profit for a specific customer.

Tip: You can apply filters to more than one column simultaneously. Add a customer and a Picked date, for example, to see sales and profits for a specific customer for the last month.

Export for further analysis

Compared to the Sales orders tabs in Katana, the exported file includes data at the SO line level. This makes it possible to create sales reports by product, for example.

You can also use our integration with Easy Insight to access visual dashboards for sales analysis and create your own reports. Or use SyncHub to access Katana data model and create custom reports with BI tools (eg. PowerBI, Tableu, Excel etc).

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