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Shipping fees on Sales orders

You can add a shipping fee to any Open Sales order (SO) in Katana.

To add a shipping fee, head to the Sell screen > Sales orders tab > and select an existing SO or create a new one.

In the shipping fee table you can add:

  • Description: type of shipping or anything else relative

  • Cost: shipping cost (without tax)

  • Tax: the tax rate associated to the shipping fee

Note: The Cost field is mandatory. Add 0 if the shipping is free.


Near the bottom right of the screen, the Subtotal (Tax excluded) amount includes the total cost of line items minus tax and the Shipping fee (Tax excluded) line is your shipping cost without tax. Tax includes both product and shipping tax.

Editing a shipping fee

If you want to edit an existing shipping cost, select and edit the field you’d like to change, and all changes will be automatically saved. Shipping fee data can be edited and deleted as long as the SO remains in Open status. You will need to revert an SO to change its shipping fee data if the SO has been changed to a delivered state.

Deleting a shipping fee

You can delete a shipping fee from an SO by clicking on the bin icon fee.

Partial delivery

Sales orders in Katana can only have one shipping fee. Multiple shipping fees, such as shipping costs for each fulfillment, are not supported.

Exporting shipping fees

The shipping fee is included on SO exports on a line item level. Learn more about how to export Sales orders.

Importing shipping fees via e-commerce integrations

You can include shipping fees on SOs imported from e-commerce integrations by selecting the "import shipping fee" option when setting up the integration.

For more specific details on how to enable the shipping fee in your e-commerce setup, please refer to

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